Friday, July 09, 2010

"We in the Same Game Playin' With a Different Ball"

As I'm sitting here watching this absolute hype-fest/swagger display that @kingjames, Wade County and Bosh Pit are displaying onstage together, I can't help but laugh to myself. On the real, it's pretty cool to watch three star athletes doing exactly what they want regardless of what anybody else says and still manage to look like three lil' kids giddy as a melontrucker, laughin' at any and every bold prediction they make onstage. In case you didn't catch it watch below, it put a smile on my face just to them havin' the absolute time of their lives, talkin' out their ass at the amount of champinshipns they're gonna win, knowin damn well many NBA players (@mogotti2 here) are jealous as hell that they're all sacrificing to get on their Miami grind to win a title (while others were respecting the grind @Oneandonlycp3 here and @DwightHoward here).

Sidebar: Appreciated the Pharoah Monch - Simon Says intro...well clap x10.

The NBA parallels can be drawn to this song directly with all three respective free agents trying to live like rockstars...or in their case, smart rock stars that respect the game more than the average millionaire (@Amareisreal). You better believe they're going to be in the same game playin' with a different ball. Add to that the words of Drizzy Drake, "Some Miami women, tan lines showin', and they really bout whatever, sh** is mind blowin'". @DWADEOFFICIAL had 47 wins with no help last year...#NuffSaid. Too many quoteables, but in an attempt to paraphrase:
"Big fancy watches, who cares what the time is,
I just bought it cause it got a whole 'lot of diamonds"

"I do this baby, this my life this is not a hobby
I set the trends and watch these other clown n***** copy"

"What should I wear today the Bentley or the Range Rove
Maybe I should wear the SL6 with the brains blown"

"Me & my ballin friends came for the same object"

"I change cars like a clean man change draws"
All completely applicable to all three star athletes' lives right now, must be nice. What's also nice is Ya Boy, who is somehow still bubbling under the radar despite churning out track after quality track, attracting attention from every angle. Most notably, Akon's Konvict Music who just scooped up Ya Boy and ensured his first album's success (It's what @therealakon does). I'm sure not sure at this point which would be a better bet, a successful half a mil from @YBTHEROCKSTAR or an NBA title from the Three Kings. At this point it'd probably be a push...

Shouts out to @kajmirroyale for the production on the track below and @DEEJAYILLWILL who was also behind the creation the whole Elton John, K Young sample. Glad my shout out ended up getting back you via Twitter. Word has it we've got some Muncie ties, but for the record I agree. Lookin' forward to Tha Alumni...

Give the initial "street" single off Tha Alumni a listen...

DJ Ill Will feat Ya Boy - Life of a Rockstar (prod by Kajmir Royale)


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