Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Paper, Scissors, Rock My Heart and Throw it All Away"

Last week I gave some more dap to Ryan Tedder who I classified as one of the best (if not the best) demo singers out. To his credit, he's also the lead singer of @onerepublic, which has allotted him more notoriety compared to the demo singer on this track, James Fauntleroy. The common demoninator is Timbaland (obligatory DJ Hero 2 plug), who frequently demos tracks with James and clearly appreciates his ability to write and produce. On the topic of production and writing credits, check out the growing list of tracks that James has put his stamp on (below)...
Most recently, James demo'd @rihanna's Te Amo single that generated quite a bit of buzz with the girl on girl action in the video. Was a real underrated track though and it's a complete coin toss on who rocked it better. Give them both a listen while you're at it..


Sure Rihanna would definitely sell more, but it goes without saying, she sang it the way she did for a reason...and that was @fauntleroy. He's definitely got a knack for writing and turning a page full of lyrics into a sculpted finished track.

The track below is supposedly a demo for Jamie Foxx, who would add comparable vocals and more name recognition to an already hype track. Timbo is of course on the production and James adds a harmonic hook to a few (slightly) autotuned verses from Timothy Mosley. Lyrics aside, the beat will suck you in with a loud, bouncy, synth-fest that sounds every bit like many of Timbo's never-ending streak of top notch beats. I still can't get over that Ghetto Techno beat...if that track doesn't someday surface I'll be shocked. #DiamondInTheRough....but not for long I'm guessing...

Give the demo track a listen and never lose appreciation for the writers and producers like @fauntleroy who do all the legwork so that someone with a better, more recognizable voice can get all the credit...

Timbaland feat James Fautleroy - Paper, Scissors, Rock
Link taken down by request


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