Thursday, July 08, 2010

Throwback Thurs: "More Money Means More Dough to Blow"

With Rick Ross's new album Teflon Don coming out in a little less than two weeks and tracks from that album blowing out Gulf of Mexico style (songs don't just leak anymore #ontothenextone), it's only fitting I revisit one of my favorite tracks of his. Sure Hustlin' is going to get all the credit as the "cannonball" single that got his name in the mainstream, but this cut from his debut album Port of Miami released in 2006 is where he exploded to me.

From the looks of the tracklist, it seems like he's trying a new route on his newest album that is geared more towards reeling in some more mainstream success, rather than sticking with the sound that got him to where he's at now characterized by trap anthems like Hustlin', Speedin' and Push It. No production from JR Rotem, DJ Toomp, Cool n Dre and most notably The Runners has me a little worried about the quality of his new album. No disrespect to J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League because he's proven he can bring it on more than a few occasions, but he's done some classic tracks with the aforementioned producers and the lack of their presence on his new music has me skipping lots of Rick Ross material lately. That new single with Ne-Yo was garbage in my opinion and while I do appreciate the Drake collab on the new album along with yet ANOTHER Maybach Music track, it's not looking good.

Now that all that skepticism is outta my system, let's focus on what got Rick here with Blow, where he raps over a boisterous Cool n Dre beat that can be heard for miles with a little bit of volume. These are the types of tracks that make me think of Miami hip hop and the loud organ/synth combination that has dominated that region thanks mostly to @COOLANDDRE and @THERUNNERS. The whiny synthesizers and depth of the bass are the allure to me and it helps too that William Roberts contributes some cohesive, baller status verses in sort of a talk it before you live it sort of way. Now that he's actually living it, it's cool to look back and admire the confidence, while *hoping* for future tracks that get back to this sound.

Hit the recliner and throw it way back on hot as a melonfarmer Thursday...

Rick Ross feat Dre - Blow (prod by Cool n Dre)


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