Monday, July 05, 2010

WRIB: Andre 3000 vs The Beatles - All Together Now

Who Rocked It Better?
Andre 3000    or   The Beatles
About two weeks ago this new version of a The Beatles classic song All Together Now surfaced on the Nike commercial below:

Pretty cool commercial spotlighting many of the highlight reel moments of Kobe's career. The intro with the 1-2-3-4 in the song as Kobe mimics the lyrics with his fingers was well done and the basis for the commercial, which was aired as the Lakers were making another run at the NBA title.

As far as the song is concerned, The Beatles track is from their Yellow Submarine album released in 1969. The song was also the postscript of the Yellow Submarine animated film and is an upbeat, unifying track lyrically. It wasn't one of the most popular Beatles songs, but fit well with the light-hearded sound on Yellow Submarine.

My only observation of note when comparing The Beatles version to the new one is that there probably couldn't have been a better Hip Hop than Three Stacks or Andre Benjamin to cover this track. He embodys the energetic, fun demeanor necessary to capture the original song's feel. I'm partial (obviously) since I grew up listening to more Outkast than I did The Beatles, but even though it's a true cover of the original song, rather than a sample, I feel like Andre rocked it better.

I like writing about uplifting tracks like this, too much music nowadays focuses on the negativity of society. Daps & lbs to Dre for giving and Urlacher quality effort in tackling this Beatles track.

Give the original and new versions a listen...

The Beatles - All Together Now

Andre 3000 - All Together Now (Beatles Cover)


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