Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"When I See Your Face, There's Not A Thing That I Would Change..."

If you haven't bought stock in Bruno Mars yet, you're opportunity to buy low is fading by the day. Between his 4 song It's Better If You Don't Understand EP and his two assists on singles that have blown up on the radio with @bobatl's Nothin' On You and Billionaire with @traviemccoy.

Tough call on my favorite track by @THATBRUNOMARS, but this one just entered conversation for That #1 Spot! (Luda voice). If you would have asked me last week, it would have been (hands down) Talking to the Moon where he absolutely owned the heartfelt ballad over the soft piano beat. Now on Just the Way You Are, he maintains the same genuine lyrics, this time opting for more of an ode to that special woman. You know that one who is amaazing and perfect just the waaaay she is?? #FairyTaleShit
On the real though, this tracks is going to do seeerious damage to radio stations and ladies hearts alike. It takes on elements of a sing along with well executed, upbeat verses, giving way to a slower, drawn-out harmony on the hook that you could just picture a whole crowd singing along with. It's not overdone and it takes on sort of a U2 feel with the rolling background beat and dramatic, emotional energy on the track. Fellas...send this one out to that special lady...matter of fact learn the damn lyrics so when it hits radio you can try and play Bruno Mars for a hot minute, allowing you to donate it to that brownie point bank you're always wishing you'd invested in earlier. #BeckyIsNotFree

I've got the audacity to predict this being a top 5 song for the month of July (for me personally) with radio catching up in August, making it a Top 10 Billboard single by September. Oh by the way Billionaire is still a Top 5 single right now. Anybody wanna dare bet against Bruno Mars? #crickets

Enjoy folks...

Bruno Mars - Just the Way You Are
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