Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Light 'Em Up, Blow 'Em Out Like Candles, He Scramblin' Backwards, Cunningham Randall"

All I gotta say is BRA-VO Scoop Deville...my goodness, the beats you cookin' up these days have me finding new ways to go HAM Sammich while drivin' to and from work. Put it this way, I'm not the biggest Fat Joe fan, but he sounds NIIIICEE on this track as he weaves and dodges through the head nod inducing, upbeat thump of this instrumental. I have no doubt that like his first track, I Wanna Rock with @snoopdogg that got him on the map, every other rapper will want to do a freestyle to this beat.

@scoopdeville is on a roll recently, you can add his other track Ha Ha with Fat Joe that list of 2010 joints that have had Hip Hop fans turning their heads. I'd say right now it's between he and @boi1da for producer rookie of the year. Hopefully we'll get the volume of beats from him that ya Boi full of 1da from Canada has been churning out, most recently on Stat Quo's new album with Catch Me. PS go cop Stat's new album Statlanta, it dropped today.

This one has a lot in common with that I Wanna Rock beat, which is a good thing...bang this one out and share it with the family...#evenyomomma

Fat Joe - No Problems (prod by Scoop Deville)


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