Monday, July 26, 2010

Buzz Track: Mike Posner - Please Don't Go

Now that everyone and they momma's friend's stepsister's babysitter has jumped on the Mikey Posner bandwagon after Cooler Than Me ignited on radio, the real question now is whether his upcoming album is going to go one hit deep or whether we'll be pleasantly surprised like critics were with Jeremih's debut and have a few noteworthy singles that give him a chance to establish himself in the mainstream?

Off top when I first heard the beginning of his second single starting with "Let's runaway..." all I could think of was The Fray's song Over My Head (video below)...

Anybody else hear that when they listen to this? From the tempo to the delivery, they're so similar at points of the track. Obviously, the songs diverge once the beat hits and gives way to more of a mid-tempo ballad, rather than a vocal dominated slow acoustic ballad.

I'm sorta lukewarm on this to be quite honest, it's a safe choice for a second single, it'll definitely get some radio play and I don't see it as a detriment to his debut effort 31 Minutes to Takeoff. Pretty trippy electro infused bridge between the last verse and the final hook too, which is interesting and kinda unique. You better believe @MIKEPOSNER is going to make his living with that soft, melodic voice of his and it's admirable that he's not going to have any guest spots on his debut album. Definitely a risk, but I can respect high risk, high reward, I'm cheerin' him on. Especially because my sources in the Chi-town seem to rave about his live show, check the tour here.
Do him a favor and support his debut on iTunes or Amazon if you're so inclined. You gotta admit, it's cool seeing a breakthrough artist sell some's like watching some dude from triple A get called up and tear it up...I see you Danny Valencia. #FreeFantasyAdvice

Give it a listen and don't sleep in two weeks when his album drops and his 31 Minutes are up...

Mike Posner - Please Don't Go
Links taken down by request go here to purchase


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