Saturday, July 03, 2010

"I Wish My Heart Was Bulletproof, I Could Withstand These Shots From You"

Thought I'd mix it up a bit and throw in an R&B track that is getting a lot of mileage lately on the radio and has grown on me a bit. Enter Kristinia Debarge whom you may remember from her past album Exposed's two singles Sabotage and Goodbye. This definitely borders more on Pop than R&B, but her vocals shine all over this track and puts on full display her ballad potential.

Put it this way, every time this track has come on the radio while I've been in the presence of women, the hook becomes an instant sing along. Helps that Kristinia (prononced kreesteeneeah) isn't all that bad looking and also does songwriting and dancing to go along with her talented vocals. She's another teen pop star who was recognized at the young age of 13 on the American Idol spin off American Juniors. My favorie track of hers to date is by far her cover of Varsity Fanclub's - Future Love, which by the way was debatably the best boy band song in the past 5 years and a song I was a huge fan of. See her cover below below:

Give her fist single a listen and be on the look out for her sophomore album due out in October...

Kristinia Debarge - Bulletproof
Links taken down by request, please support the artist at the iTunes store


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