Thursday, September 01, 2016

Zedd and Grey Get the Juices Flowing on Adrenaline

Seeing that I've made it my daily hobby to categorize and reflect on music, I've found that giving context to place and mood of where I'd listen to a track is important. For example, Zedd's new single with Grey would be a perfect fit for my latest workout playlist. It has a consistently energetic rhythm and even when the beat seems to take a minute to breathe, it's right back in your face. That's what I love about Adrenaline, which as a side note is a perfect name for the track. It'll get you going and provide the spark needed to ignite a party if that's what you're looking for. Whether it's listening to it during a run tomorrow morning or a party I'm hosting this weekend, you can bet the track below will be invited to join...#Adrenaline

Zedd & Grey - Adrenaline


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