Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mija Takes the Edge Off Darren Styles' Come Running

By now, you've probably heard of that "blue haired chick" that Skrillex helped put on two years back. That young woman just happens to be Amber Giles, but you may know her by her stage name Mija. On the low, she's been lighting up dj sets at a lot of your favorite festivals.

Sure, it helps to have the OWSLA cosign attached to your name, but she's more than holding her own with remixes like the one below. Before indulging in her recreation, check out the vocal driven, hardcore original from Darren Styles...
While the original starts thumping and refuses to let up post-drop, Mija's remix takes the edge off the original. Greater emphasis is put on the heavy bassline and there's a much bouncier vibe that provides a softer landing from the drop. Stylistically the marshmello comparisons are fair, especially with the higher pitched vocals toward the end, but it's ends up being a really listenable track by the time you get to the end...#ComeRunning

Darren Styles - Come Running (Mija Remix)


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