Wednesday, January 06, 2016

"There's Nothing But Space Between Us"

You know that feeling when an artist that you feel like you know really well goes into uncharted waters? I'm talking about that uneasiness and momentary discomfort as you decide whether this new sound expands your respect for them or erodes away at the base of your fandom for them. Well that just happened for me as I tried to wrap my head around Keys N Krates' new one featuring the vocals of Laura Aqui.

The entire first minute of Nothing But Space I thought they were about to launch into a full-on pop ballad, which would have been a really big departure from the boomy trap they usually put out. Then the drop came and gave way to the steady thump that I was expecting all along. Now after the third listen, I'm really liking the stark contrast between the chill vocal build up and the melodic, post-drop beat. All in all, the track is net positive for me because it evolved what I thought the duo from the T dot was capable of putting out. That beat ride out the last minute and a half is cooooold too. Don't sleep on that or their new Midnight Mass EP that will be landing on iTunes in about a week on January 15th...#NothingButSpace

Keys N Krates feat Laura Aqui - Nothing But Space


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