Sunday, January 03, 2016

"I Feel Like I Hit the Light Switch"

You won't find a more quippy rapper than Big Sean. He is the epitome of smooth. If you listen closely to his lyrics, there's another level of intellect just below the surface that is easy to miss because of how casual he delivers each bar. Between the rhymes, analogies, and storytelling, you'd be hard pressed convincing me there is a more polished rapper than him in the game. Critics will say his lyrics can be too sing-songy or he's too white collar, meaning he's not "gangsta" enough, but he doesn't get enough credit for how much he's influenced many of your favorite rappers (namely Drake).

Bonus points are in order for Pharrell who delivered a subtle, but appropriate hook on What a Year. Sean Don brought so much polish and wit that he didn't need to do much more than drop a few lines. It's not a flashy beat, but it's perfect for the message that Sean wanted to deliver. Low key works well when you're equipped with his kind of lyrical punch. If you had a successful 2015, this is the perfect "I made it big time", come-up anthem. If you need some visuals to go with the sentiment of the track, Sean's got all the proof you need below...#WhatAYear

Big Sean feat Detail & Pharrell - What a Year


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