Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Takin' Shots at the Bar Like Swish"

Being a former collegiate baseball player, you know I'm always going to give love to those who find their way into music after hanging up their cleats. You've probably heard of him by now, but Mike Seander (aka Mike Stud) has come on in a big way over the past year. First it was his splashy, critically acclaimed album Closer. Now fast forward to this year where his new album, These Days, landed on iTunes two weeks back and has been continuing to light it up since then.

One of the clear standout tracks on his latest album is Swish. Stylistically my mind immediately goes to Drake when looking for a comparison to Mike on the mic. The rhyme schemes, hook and slow flow will have you doing a double take. Add to that all the sports references in the verses and you can bet there will be a lot of pop culture traction with the track below. It's a testament to how you don't always need a big flashy beat or high budget video to elevate a good single to a great single. Do yourself a favor and give his new album a listen because the plane is getting full and fueled up for takeoff for Mike's career...#MikeStud


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