Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Kill Transitions to Chill With Ease

Out of all the music stories that didn't get the publicity it deserved in 2015, I'd rank Kills Paris's name change to Chill Harris right at the top. In case you missed it, shortly after the Paris attacks Corey Baker decided that moving forward with his current name wouldn't send the right message...
Sure, you might say that the name change was a no brainer given what happened, but when you've established yourself with a given name, there's plenty of risk involved. The good news is, Chill Harris hasn't changed one bit and he's still making great music. Case in point his latest remix of GRiZ's Stop Trippin', where he turns the jazzy, sax heavy original into a cooled out, slow trap banger. It's easy to understand how the remix was "inspired by cruise control drives through the Rocky Mountains." It's plenty mellow enough for you to zone out and listen to at work, which gets the job done (literally) in my world...#StopTrippin

GRiZ - Stop Trippin' (Chill Harris Remix)


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