Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"I Like Your Bougie Booty, Come Erykah Badu Me"

Last week we got a preview of the much anticipated Kanye and Kendrick collabo. Today we got the full six minute version and it's every bit the lyrical gymnastics you would have hoped. Minus a few brief moments for the hook, it's takes on the personality of a cypher with 'Ye and Kendrick trading long-winded, non-stop bars. The beat delivered by Kanye and Madlib is intentionally dumbed down and repetitive, but it produces the intended effect of a grimy, bare knuckle boxing style sparing match.

Vibe wise, it's the type of fast paced storytelling that put him on back in Through the Wire days. While it will probably never reach the heights that his breakthrough single did, stylistically it's the best comp I got. More than anything I loved that Kendrick got to shine all over this one and provide a huge bump to the track. No More Parties in LA is the third of three G.O.O.D. Friday releases in 2016 and we can most likely expect at least four or five more leading up to the album release. Overall, it will add an interesting flavor to Swish, which will be landing on your favorite digital outlet on February 11th...#NoMorePartiesInLA

Kanye West feat Kendrick Lamar - No More Parties in LA (prod by Madlib)


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