Thursday, January 28, 2016

"If You Had a Twin I Would Still Choose You"

Man, it was a busy week in the world of Hip Hop. You had the Wiz and Kanye childish Twitter fight over an abbreviation misunderstanding. Then J Cole dropped a live album out of the blue. And in case you needed icing on the cake or are a firm believer that things happen in threes, Rihanna also dropped a new album (ANTI)out of the blue. Unfortunately for literally everyone involved, the album debuted on Tidal. Yea you know that streaming service that those artists with a ton of money who were trying to push for higher sound quality kept trying to make work? Call this a last ditch carrot to get a quick million people to try a free trial?

I digress, but only for second before getting to Rihanna and Drake's new one Work. On the track Ri Ri worked her usual magic, harmonizing over a bouncy beat. I appreciated Drake's contribution to the track as he chipped in a throwback sounding verse where he got back to the crooning that had me proudly anointing him as my go-to artist two years ago. By no means is it my favorite collaboration between the two, but it's a solid track that deserves a few spins...#ANTI

Rihanna feat Drake - Work


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