Sunday, January 10, 2016

"I Don't Need No Lip, Just a Whole Lotta Lovin'"

I've been impressed with how DJ Mustard has went from one of most well-known Hip Hop producers to an artist who has the capability of headlining a show. It's an evolution that not a lot of Hip Hop producers have been able to make and it speaks to his ability to produce a wide range of high energy music. Recently I've enjoy how he's been able to start catering to the electronic demo by bringing in some trap elements to his music.

Case in point, his new one, Whole Lotta Lovin', with Travis Scott. The track starts with a cooled out, snappy vibe, but by the time it gets to the hook it takes on a whole new personality. There's an EDM-esque build up that gradually works its way to the top before giving way to a trippy, bass heavy breakdown. It's not something I saw coming, but that's what made it so interesting. All in all, definitely one of my favorite tracks to date from Mustard...#WholeLottaLovin

DJ Mustard feat Travis Scott - Whole Lotta Lovin'


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