Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"Dressed Up, Red Corvette, in the Middle of the Night"

Without hesitation I'd be comfortable anointing Majid Jordan as one of the top three R&B duos right now. Their soulful vocals and funk-filled music are another level of fresh in an R&B landscape that now finds itself devoid of the quality it had a decade ago. If you're a fan of theirs you've been counting down the days until self-titled debut EP lands on iTunes on February 5th.

They've already released a couple top notch singles like My Love and Something About You, but there's plenty more to look forward to on their upcoming album. Their newest release, King City, is definitely on the level of the previous two singles. It's more of a slow paced ballad, lacking the usual funky touch, but it's ever so sexy. The Nineteen85 produced track will have you zoning out while singing falsetto alone in your ride. All things considered with a third of the album having already surfaced, if they rest of the album is half as good as what they've released so far, you can bet we'll be talking about of the best released in 2016...#KingCity

Majid Jordan - King City (prod by Majid Jordan & Nineteen85)


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