Saturday, January 16, 2016

League of Legends Goes Full on EDM

Full disclosure, I'm definitely not a video game guy. Command and Conquer is about where I ended my PC and console gaming and that was back when MMO games were just starting to pop up. So when I hear about all this mobile and online gaming, I'm always amazed with how immersive and easily accessible gaming has become. It's literally a whole new universe and the stuff I used to play was seriously clunky, child's play in comparison.

The one really cool thing about gaming becoming big is the emerging cross over opportunities into music. For example, League of Legends reeled in a whole bunch of EDM talent and had them remix a bunch of instrumentals played throughout the game. If I had to pick a favorite on the 11 track Warsongs EP, I'd go with Marshmello's remix of Flash Funk. It has the crisp, but bouncy chords that he's becoming known for stylistically. You better believe it goes hard and sprinkles in the high pitched samples that are usually found in his best work. Even more unbelievably, all the tracks are free to download on Soundcloud, so have at it while it's still a free for all...#LeagueOfLegends

League of Legends - Flash Funk (Marshmello Remix)


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