Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Avicii & RAC Kick Start Two Beautiful Heartbeats

I'll admit, today I punted. Generally, I constrain myself to picking one, and only one, song to post per day. Mostly due to time constraints, but also to ensure that what I post about is something I generally like quite a bit.

So what could cause such indecision that a toss up was warranted? Well, when two Grammy award nominated producers attack the same track in two different ways, sometimes ties work out for the best. I say tie because it was damn near impossible to pick a favorite between Avicii and RAC's remixes of Morten and Frida Sundemo's Beautiful Heartbeat. On one hand, you've got the dramatic, slow vocal build up leading up to a characteristically melodic, progressive house chord progression on Avicii's version. On the other, you've got funky, bass heavy deep house mix delivered by RAC. Both showcase the original's stellar vocals, but go two different, equally likable directions. Flip a coin or cop both of them both, you can't go wrong here...#BeautifulHeartbeat

Morten feat Frida Sundemo - Beautiful Heartbeat (Avicii Remix)

Morten feat Frida Sundemo - Beautiful Heartbeat (RAC Remix)


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