Friday, January 22, 2016

Videos of the Week January 22nd

For some reason, the majority of this week's collection of videos all have a serious undertone. From the rallying cry of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's promotional album video to the touching story of a mixed race kid growing up in the South in Parson James's video for a Sinner Like You to Odesza's haunting medieval visuals on It's Only video, there was plenty of emotional depth and serious messages delivered. Sometimes depth is contrived, but all three videos were really well executed and were successful is driving home their message.

On a less dramatic note, it was interesting to hear Obama give his take on Drake versus Kendrick Lamar. Fast forward to the 17:20 mark where the commander in chief explains why he'd give the nod to Kendrick over Drake if push came to shove. Can't disagree with the man, it's hard to go against K dot as a lyricist. Bringing up the rear both literally and metaphorically is Fallon's vocal impersonation of all the classic artists. Everyone from McCartney to Springsteen to MJ to Mick Jagger got some love and respect from the late night show star. By far, his best impersonation is McCartney, hands down...#Ham4Ham
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - This Unruly Mess I've Made (Promo Video)

Odesza feat Zyra - It's Only (Video)

Parson James - A Sinner Like You (Video)

YouTube Interview Where President Obama Says Kendrick > Drake

Jimmy Fallon Sings Hamilton Impersonating Bowie, McCartney, Springsteen, Mick Jagger, MJ, etc

Photo Credit: YouTube


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