Monday, January 11, 2016

Dr. Dre Leaks a Compton Leftover, Back To Business

I'm not one to post streaming radio versions of tracks, but then again, Dr. Dre doesn't release new music very often. Evidently the track below found itself on the chopping block when the final track list for the Compton album was solidified. Back to Business is about as a good of an example of how Dr. Dre wakes up and pisses excellence. Saying that the track wasn't in the top sixteen tracks of any album is laughable. Featuring a slow bangin' beat, solid verses from all hands on deck (including the Good Doctor) and a fine hook from Victoria Monet, there's a lot to like. Join me in hoping that a non-tagged version finds its way onto our electronic devices in the near future...#BackToBusiness

Dr. Dre feat T.I., Justus, Victoria Monet, and Sly Piper - Back To Business


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