Monday, January 25, 2016

"We've Got That Eeeeaasy Love"

Time to take a day off from the usual Hip Hop and EDM into a world of Rhythm and Blues. And it's not the usual R&B that you'd come to expect from your favorite well-known Top 40 artist, it skews more toward blues and is characterized by a laid back jazzy instrumentation has the ability to take you to another world mentally. Both Tom Misch and Carmody shine all over Easy Love with mellow verses and an ever-so-sweet duet on the hook. Whatever you do, don't skip around too much when listening because the blues guitar takes the track to another level around the two and a half minute mark. If you're like me, you have an appreciation for grown and sexy tracks like this one that sound simple, but find a way to be mellow to a point where it's thought provoking. I'm not sure that last sentence made sense to anyone but me, but I'm hoping you give it a solid listen despite it not being in wheelhouse of what I usually post. Side note - bonus points for the nostalgic and sketchy style of the cover art. It did justice to the vibe of the song and added to the intrigue...#EasyLove

Tom Misch & Carmody - Easy Love


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