Friday, March 20, 2015

Videos of the Week March 20th

With SXSW being the talk of the town this week and hearing stories about how Snoop and Willie Nelson ate KFC in Amsterdam together, it's only fitting the lead off video of the week has to do with Jimmy Kimmel trolling attendees of the legendary festival. It's a little unnerving how quickly people are to pretend to know what they're talking about when it comes to music. My favorite was DJ Gluten and how his music is hard to it!

For the weekly Fallon spot, Ben Stiller made a quick cameo to do some really entertaining impromptu role playing. On them music front, it's getting a little ridiculous how great lyric videos are becoming. Case in point both Martin Garrix and David Guetta's latest videos for their new singles. One took the more cartoony route, the other took a more literal, real life entertainment angle. It makes you wonder if real videos are even worth it these days? Finally, rounding out the top 5 is a behind the scenes look at Ed Sheeran's tour. Yes, you read that right, he does in fact sing to cats around the four minute mark. I'm starting to think going on a worldwide tour should be on my bucket list...#Sheeran

Jimmy Kimmel Makes Up Band Names to Troll SXSW Attendees

Jimmy Fallon and Ben Stiller Role Play and Get Emotional Together

Martin Garrix feat Usher - Don't Look Down (Lyric Video)

David Guetta feat Nicki Minaj & Afrojack - Hey Mama (Lyric Video)

Ed Sheeran Tour Diary Part 2 Where He Sings Thinking Out Loud to Cats

Photo Credit: YouTube


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