Saturday, March 21, 2015

"I Should Have Febreze on Me"

Jack Ü's debut album has been out for almost a month now and I'm feeling like I undersold well Diplo and Skrillex work together. While everyone will remember Take U There and it's many many remixes, there was much more to the ten song album. Most notably, Skrillex and Diplo's collaboration with 2 Chainz on Febreze.

If you get hung up on the corniness of the hook, I get it, but you're missing out on speaker rattling beat. It has plenty of hard hitting bass to compliment the jumpy and unpredictable synths. When you hear the phrase "party starter", think of this track and the energy it brings to a crowd. The dynamic duo may bring different styles to the way they make music, but they both excel in their ability to incite crowds, which makes their collaborations that much more entertaining...#JackU

Jack Ü feat 2 Chainz - Febreze


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