Sunday, March 29, 2015

T.I. Goes Hard on New Track From Get Hard

It's been a while since I've posted a T.I. track that was this catchy. From the start, I Go Hard is shot out of a cannon with Kat delivering a quality hook over a rolling beat. The nonchalance that Tip is able to flow over the verses is why he's still considered the King of the South.

Whether or not this leads the way to success for Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell's upcoming movie Get Hard, is another story. I still haven't really seen a Kevin Hart movie that is memorable, but the 32% Rotten Tomatoes score doesn't inspire confidence. It is telling that 65% of moviegoers said they liked it, so take the serious critics with a grain of salt. I know you've seen commercials for the movie, but below is the full length tailer if you're still considering seeing it...#GetHard

T.I. feat Kat - I Go Hard


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