Tuesday, March 03, 2015

"Now is the Time to Show Them What You're Made Of"

Just when you thought Kid Cudi had fallen off the face of the earth and drifted back home to Mars, he drops a long lost gem on us. Coming from his San Francisco sessions and featuring the production from Dot Da Genius, Love will remind you of everything you love about Cudder. You'll get nostalgic over the Ratatat Sunblocks sample and the gentle ebb and flow of emotion that makes Cudi's music so incredibly infectious. The whiny guitar sample provides such a contrast to the inspirational theme embedded within the lyrics. It's long overdue, but how can you not get excited about Man on the Moon 3 after hearing this. Shoot, just make a full album with Dot producing and Ratatat samples and I'm all in...#MOTM3

Kid Cudi - Love (prod by Dot Da Genius)


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