Monday, March 23, 2015

For Major Lazer, Peace is the Mission

The funky tribal goodness is back and more just as weird as you remembered it. Armed with the usual Jamaican swag, Major Lazer is back with a beat that is basically dancehall on crack. The high-pitched, shrieking is what you'll remember, but the tempos range from walk to jog to run, all in one track. Listen and follow along with the lyrics below if you're more of a visual person...

This is the second slice of awesomeness let loose by Major Lazer in the past few weeks. Both Roll the Bass and Lean On are going to surface on their upcoming album, Peace is the Mission, which is due on June 1st. Yes, it's a bummer that there are only nine songs on their upcoming album, but if they're as high quality as their two current releases, I've got no problem with it. The only real question that remains is, what will they come up with next?...#PeaceIsTheMission

Major Lazer - Roll the Bass


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