Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"I Will Come Home in Time"

As Madeon's debut album release date of March 31st gets closer, I'm feeling a bit old knowing that he was born in 1994. It really makes you marvel at the type of talent he has as primarily a producer, but also as a singer. Even though it was more of a demo at first, he decided to add his own vocals to Home . He must have continued to get positive feedback on the demo version because low and behold, the final version that is set to appear on the album is nearly identical to the demo version. Check it out below...

This is the seventh song out of 18 on the album that has been released prior to Adventure hitting stores. I'm not putting it up there with Pay No Mind and Imperium, but it's more than just a filler track and it does a great job of showcasing the depths of his talents. Who is excited to see Madeon in concert this Spring?? That would be me...#Adventure


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