Saturday, March 07, 2015

Hov Paves the Road to Perdition for Electronica

This is the type of Hip Hop that gets you out of your seat just to listen. Following a low quality leak of his highly anticipated track Road to Perdition, Jay Electronica decided to take matters into his own hands by leaking the HQ version. With palpable vigor and a bangin' beat to go in on, Jay Elec put it all on the table by making a strong argument that he's one of the best lyricists in the game. Sure, the Jay Z samples give the track a bit more oomph in case you were unaware that he was signed to Roc Nation, but make no mistake about it, this was one hell of a solo effort.

After a few listens, I'm still in awe of the first four bars of the second verse:
My swag is on 1.21 gigawatts, 10 trillion kilowatts
Hardcore Thriller pop, Michael Jackson, n***** rock
Google me, baby, understand where I'm coming from
My destiny's to hit a grand slam when my number come

At this point we've heard two tracks from his upcoming Roc Nation debut, Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn). So far we've heard Better in Tune With the Infinite and Road to Perdition. By my count that's thirteen more tracks to drop with Kanye (twice), Diddy, The Dream and Erykah Badu collaborations to come. No word yet on when or if the album will ever drop, but the hype train is full steam after letting this one out of the cage...#RocNation

Jay Electronica feat Jay Z - Road To Perdition


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