Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Wake Up and We Would Touch the Sky"

YEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!! I can't think of much better news than hearing HudMo is coming out with a new full length album. Twitter love to @ArapahoeSDP coming up with an eloquent way to properly showing the excitement for the good news. For those of you as curious as me, below is the tracklist of his upcoming release, Lantern, which is due out in mid-June. Pay particular attention to track #6, which has been the great white buffalo of my world the past few years...

AHHHHHHH!!! A finished, mastered version of Scud Books is something that deserves circling on a date on the calendar. Quick side note, did you know what a scud book is in Scotland?

Elation aside, his new single, Very First Breath, featuring the vocals of Irfane is also pretty awesome. It starts off on a really high pitched note that gives way to a much more friendly Hudson-like beat clap at the 40 second mark. It's more of a trap ballad if you can imagine that. I'm trying to think of another comparable synth driven, heavy slow jam and I'm coming up empty, which is cool. June is a full two months away, but the summer just got a whole lot more interesting for me today...#VeryFirstBreath

Hudson Mohwake feat Irfane - Very First Breath


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