Sunday, March 08, 2015

Keys N Krates Are Doing It and Doing It Well

High pitched, bouncy and repetitive. Those are the words I would associate with Keys N Krates general sound. It doesn't matter if they are remixing or on their own, they have an amped up style that is hard to mistake with anyone else's. I don't care how successful your style may or may not be, the fact that people can pick your music out in a crowded genre of EDM is a win.

For reference, the original version of Charli XCX and Rita Ora's track is below if you haven't heard it on Top 40 yet...
It will be hard to top the success of the original version of the track, but anytime a remix can successfully reimagine a core element of the original track (like tempo or bass for example), I'd consider it a success. Chalk another one up for Keys N Krates who found a way to twist the original into a position that I'm board with...#DoingIt

Charli XCX feat Rita Ora - Doing It (Keys N Krates Remix)


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