Monday, March 09, 2015

Duets Don't Get Better Than Sam Smith with John Legend

The video below seemed waaaay too good to be true when reading the headline "Sam Smith featuring John Legend." It was one of those, "am I going to regret clicking on this link because a Buzzfeed story is behind the door?" Strangely enough, it wasn't clickbait, it was the exact opposite of what I expected. In an effort to raise money for poverty via Red Nose Day, Sam and John did an in-studio performance of Sam Smith's Lay Me Down. What follows is picturesque brilliance...

You want to talk about an epic amount of vocal and performance talent...holy cow! For those of you who want to participate in the movement, Red Nose Day is this Friday, March 13th in the UK, while it's going to be celebrated in the US sometime in May. In general, great music that serves a bigger purpose is the ultimate win in my eyes. Kudos to everyone involved in the making of this...#RedNoseDay

Photo Credit: Vevo


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