Wednesday, March 04, 2015

"You Break the Bridges to Build the Cities"

I continue to wonder why my tastes in music have gradually drifted away from Hip Hop toward EDM. The best answer I've come up with so far is that electronic dance music is growing so rapidly that upcoming artists aren't afraid of taking risks and being different. Every day there's a new branch forming off the synthesized foundation, challenging the way I feel about the genre.

As the reader of this post, why should I care? That's a great question and my answer is Karma Fields. When you listen to their new single, Build the Cities, I dare you to try and keyhole their sound into a genre. Is it Indie? Is it dance? Is it club worthy? An argument could be made for all of those and that's what makes the track so interesting. Kerli's vocals are on point and the lulls between the hard hitting rhythms give a stop and go tempo that's really engaging. Maybe I'm just a connoisseur of interesting rhythms, is that so bad? Either way, I'm cool with it and excited as hell to hear more from Karma Fields...#BuildTheCities

Karma Fields feat Kerli - Build the Cities


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