Saturday, March 14, 2015

Trap Doesn't Have to Loud to Be Successful

While much of the top 40 EDM scene is dominated by House music (mostly progressive or deep), Trap is the sub-genre of EDM that gets me most excited. In my eyes Trap has the highest ceiling because much of sound is derived from what I like best about EDM (synth driven chord progressions) and Hip Hop (low bass). Not only are Trap beats a love child of two great parents, they're also less prone to being ruined by terrible rappers who can distract from the quality of the instrumentation.

All that being said, I generally like my Trap music loud and heavy to the point of speaker fatigue. Below is a new track by TroyBoi that is an exception to the aforementioned generalization. Zone is exactly what you'd hope a song with that title would be. It's a song that is so cooled out that it induces relaxation by listening. The flutes layered on top of a quirky, but soothing beat mix really well together. Even better, it won't cost you more than a Soundcloud like to cop the track. Good things in life don't usually come free, but tonight it did...#MyStyle

TroyBoi - Zone


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