Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"Girl, You Know What? I Want You to Want Me"

A lot of artists have fallen on and off my radar because of how their music and my taste in music has evolved over the years. Fall Out Boy is a great example. I love their early music, but there was about a seven year stretch where it was me pressing the next button on every track. Recently, they've found their way back into my good graces, but there was a long hiatus in between.

I preface this post with that example because Jason Derulo has been the opposite of that. His music is so consistent and his style has continued to go the same direction as mine the past five years. He's four albums in and I'm excited about the lead single to his upcoming album, Want to Want Me. There's a heavy funk influence, some sexy falsetto and just the right amount of sing-along lyrics to carry the track. For those in mood of a mid-week, feel-good pop pick me up, look no further, JD has you covered...#WTWMDerulo


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