Thursday, March 05, 2015

"I Can't Believe What I Did For Love"

Full disclosure, David Guetta's new single with vocals from Emeli Sande has been a mainstay on playlists of mine for the better part of two months. Somewhere along the way I dropped the ball on posting the track, so what better way to atone for that than posting the video. I didn't anticipate seeing an ape punching a shark to save his jet skiing woman, but sometimes you just luck out...
Oh, that's right I forgot to mention the tentacled outer space dragon monster too! Crazy animated love story aside, the track is about as memorable as an EDM track is capable of being. The standout vocals truly set the track apart, but Guetta's crisp chord progressions never disappoint. Listen continues to be one of the best EDM albums of the past year, but that's something we've come to expect from D Guetta. Still, there comes a point where releasing six successful promotional and official singles deserves some serious love...#Greatness


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