Thursday, March 19, 2015

Some Thrilling New Nero

There are few acts that have a big enough sound to make an outdoor festival seem small. Nero is on that short list because their combination of drum and bass with pop vocals is second to none. It's hard to explain, but I find their sound to be loud, but calming. There is a clear force to their music, but at the same time their brand of rhythmic dubstep is soothing to me.

Word has it their sophomore album is almost ready to come out of the oven. The Thrill is the latest indication that another epic album is on the way. It's a bit tame, but will remind you a lot of their first album. Chalk it up to another potential Top 40 single and hop on the hype train because it just gained some steam tonight with the release of this goodness...#TheThrill

Nero - The Thrill


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