Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mustard on the Beat Flexes All Over Beyonce's 7/11

Very rarely do Hip Hop producers cease opportunities to flex their abilities on remixes. It's as if DJs that specialize in EDM are the only ones allowed to take original versions of tracks and run with them. But then again, DJ Mustard was a man amongst boys among Hip Hop producers in 2014. Before getting to what he did to Beyonce's 7/11, don't pass up the opportunity to refresh yourself on the entertaining visuals from the video...

Where the original is slow and bouncy, the remix takes on a few different personalities that are all just a bit more turnt up than the original. Dap is deserved for a head nod worthy chord progression injected by "Mustard on the Beat Hoe." Again, what I heard on the remix wasn't in the realm of the expected, which is why I'm waxing poetic over the novelty of the remix. For those looking for a way to transform 7/11 into a dance anthem, worry not, Mustard has you covered...#MustardOnTheBeat

Beyonce - 7/11 (DJ Mustard Remix)


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