Thursday, January 22, 2015

"You've Got to Show Me Love" Gets a Modern Facelift

Too many times original versions of songs are completely neglected when someone decides to take a swing at a cover version. Very seldom does an artist truly make a cover version their own by transforming the track into something fresh despite sounding familiar. Before I get to the new version, I'm going to take a quick trip in the time machine to 1993 when Robin S came up with the timeless dance classic Show Me Love. If you're not old like me it may be a new song, but this is a glimpse of what 90s pop sounded like...

Having the original fresh in mind, it's clear to see how much Sam Feldt deviated from the original version. It took me the better part of a minute to realize that his version was a cover of the original, which was an awesome mid-listen revelation. If you're not familiar with Sam Feldt, he's a name that's frequently bandied about in Tropical House circles. If you listen close enough to the birds chirping in the background and the vibrant synths, you'll understand why he's associated with that sub-genre. The vocals are what stood out to me, but the sprinkles of chill house mixed throughout to give the song a modern feel. Love it when I get to hear a re-imagined version of an old favorite from decades ago...#ShowMeLove

Sam Feldt - Show Me Love


Anonymous June 19, 2015 at 7:07 PM  

Would this be a cover or a derivative work legally?

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