Thursday, January 01, 2015

Emotional Kanye & Paul McCartney Duet for Nori West

Well then, how about we kick 2015 off with a bang? It's as if Kanye wanted to be on the front page of 2015 when everyone woke up from their New Years hang over. I know Kanye catches a lot of flack for being a terrible person, but nobody can take away how talented he is. When he puts his mind to it and pours his emotions into his music, he's capable of great things.

On his new single, Only One, he takes a tone similar to Hey Mama. Instead of a tribute to his mother, this time he sent one out is to his one and a half year old daughter Nori West. With a bit of help from Sir Paul McCartney and some auto tune, he penned a deeply personal ballad that will resonate with any dad who has a daughter. Kudos for Kanye starting the year off on the right foot. As you listen, feel free and read along with the lyrics below...#OnlyOne

Kanye West feat Paul McCartney - Only One


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