Saturday, January 31, 2015

Louis Futon Gets on the Board With First EP

Part of what makes music so accessible to me is an affinity for a range of tempos. Tempo aside, a common thread between all of the favorites is a healthy dose of bass. As a result, I continue to be intrigued by new and novel uses of bass within the realm of EDM. While I've got a soft spot for Trap because of it's close proximity to Hip Hop, I'm warming up to this chill, Future Bass movement.

If you're wondering what exactly Future Bass is, I'd invite you to give a listen to Louis Futon's new self-titled, four song EP. Despite the fact that Sir Rock has been out for over 8 months, it's still hands down my favorite track on the EP. The bass on the track is more therapeutic than show stopping, but it fits so well with the bouncy, melodic vibe. If you're digging it as much as I am, you'll be happy to learn that Louis is handing out free downloads of the EP on his website. On this glorious Saturday night, feel free and break yourself off a piece of free awesomeness...#LouisFuton

Louis Futon - Sir Rock


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