Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Full Round of Applause, Give it Up for Jimmy Napes

If you've been following this blog for longer than a week, you've probably become aware of my appreciation for the talented individuals in music that exist behind the scenes and never get the credit they deserve for the value they add to music becoming successful. I'm talking about both producers, who make instrumentals catchy enough for the listener to give the artists a chance, and song writers who craft those perfect hooks and bridges that allow those vocalists to shine for three to four minutes at a time. The most recent example of a song writer coming to the forefront to make a name for himself is Jimmy Napes. He's been a driving force behind a lot of the music that well-known superstars like Disclosure, Sam Smith and Mary J Blige have released.

With the help of one half of Disclosure (Howard Lawrence), Jimmy came through with a lead single off his upcoming The Making of Me EP. Give it Up is every bit as bubbly, funky and easy-listening as you'd hope. The track fits tempo-wise with a lot of new Disclosure and MJB songs that have been released lately. A great comp would be MJB's new track Follow, which has a subtly funky bassline that is a bit more uptempo, but has a mellow house feel to it. Don't sleep on the vocals either, Jimmy isn't your average ghostwriter as he proves below that he can carry a track by himself...#GiveItUp

Jimmy Napes - Give It Up (prod by Howard Lawrence of Disclosure)


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