Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ne-Yo and Guetta Know Who is Taking You Home

I'll admit, when I first learned of a new collaboration between Ne-Yo and David Guetta, this was not at all what I expected. Usually when you think of David Guetta's influence on a track, uptempo synths made for the club and top 40 radio come to mind. Not so much the case with Who's Taking You Home, which is 100% melodic ballad from front to back. Despite the attention grabbing title, the tone of the track follows the peacefulness of the gentle chord progression that leads the way. The track will be one of the many singles that will litter Ne-Yo's new Non-Fiction album that will be hitting stores on January 27th. If anyone was wondering how to pull off an interesting lyric video, press play and enjoy the kaleidoscope visuals that compliment the audio quite well...#NonFiction


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