Monday, January 19, 2015

Can You Feel it Overloadin'? Life of Dillon Can

Any doubters in Adam Alpert and Disruptor Management's ability to build a formidable force in the music industry need to take a long hard look in the mirror today. Not just because their leading act, The Chainsmokers, have evolved into a household name, but because they've got a second card up their sleeve that they're about to deal. Introducing a new acoustic house trio from the UK, Life of Dillon.

If Avicii taught us anything in 2014, it's that there's an untapped market for acoustic or bluegrass flavored house. Similar to the way Trop House has become incredibly popular thanks to the likes of Kygo and Thomas Jack, Life of Dillon has that type of Top 40 appeal that can put Acoustic House on the map. If you need proof of the potential, all it will take it one play of their new single Overload. With the help of what sounds like ukelele, banjo, and steel drum samples, David Keiffer, Joe Griffith and Rob Griffith found a way to produce an inescapably jubilant sound on their lead single. Even if it's only their first single, I feel like I've learned enough today about them to be really excited about what they're going to do in 2015...#Overload


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