Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Intoxicating House Music From Martin Solveig

Ahh yes, who is in the mood for some horny Deep House? Wait...that came out wrong, but yea, there's plenty of trombone, bass line depth and feel good vibes embedded in Martin Solveig and GTA's new one Intoxicated. On first listen, I thought I heard some Mayer Hawthorne falsetto sprinkled in the mix, but that didn't end up being true. What I do know is that the heat rock below gets after it and should be played generously at any self-respecting dance club. Any song that rides the fence between hard hitting and happy wins in my book, so get with the newness that just surfaced on Beatport yesterday...#Intoxicated

Martin Solveig feat GTA - Intoxicated


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