Thursday, January 15, 2015

When Tiesto Dabbles in Indietronica, We All Win

Usually The Chainsmokers are the ones introducing me to new Indie artists, but Tiesto decided to take a turn this week with his new remix of Mikey B's Stay a While. First off, good luck finding an original version of the track. You're more likely to see Bigfoot riding the Loch Ness Monster in person than you are coming across the original version of the track below. That doesn't bother me a bit or take away from the happy-go-lucky tone of the remix, though. Shoot as soon as I heard the whistling leading up to the drop, it was over with. Kudos for Tiesto for going down the road less traveled on this one...#StayAWhile

Mikey B - Stay a While (Tiesto Remix)


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