Friday, January 16, 2015

Videos of the Week January 16th

Eclectic week for videos with Fallon and Gwyneth leading the way on Broadway versions of Hip Hop hits. I really don't know how Jimmy keeps doing it, but he has an uncanny ability to get celebrities to play unfamiliar roles in really entertaining ways. Right behind the clear top video is deadmau5's Spirit of Gumball documentary. It's interesting bioptic on featuring the always entertaining deadmau5. Yea, it's a safe bet that you're going to hear some great music mixed throughout the exotic card racing on the sixteen minute documentary.

In other news, Childish Gambino and Run the Jewels were the talk of the town when it came to late night. For those of you keeping score at home, Donald Glover took over Kimmel, while RTJ took over Conan. So many late night options these days it's becoming hard to track. Rounding out the top 5 is the Mikey Posner assisted video for Sugar by Maroon 5. Ever wondered what wedding crashing is really like? Well press play and watch Adam Levine go to work...#Sugar

Jimmy Fallon & Gwyneth Paltrow Sing Broadway Versions of Hip Hip Verses

deadmau5 Spirit of Gumball Documentary

Childish Gambino Performs Sober on Kimmel

Maroon 5 - Sugar (Video)

Run the Jewels Perform Lie, Cheat, Steal on Conan

Photo Credit: YouTube


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