Thursday, January 08, 2015

"I Was the King Under Your Control"

It's not very common, but I've been known to fall for catchy electro-pop every now and again. The latest example of which comes from the UK in the form of up and comers Years and Years. Tonight we venture off the path of EDM and Hip Hop to throw some dap in the direction of the trio from London.

First and foremost, Olly Alexander has "it' when it comes to vocals. The catchy synths and soulful undertones are icing on the cake, but the well executed verses and sugary sweet hook are what I will take away. I sincerely hope they aren't going to wait until March 1st to release King because it's going to get more than a lot of plays before then. They've got more of a focus on instrumentation than you're average boy band, which is why I'm refusing to categorize them as such. Simply put, after one single, I'm on board and excited to hear what else they're capable of producing...#YearsAndYears

Years and Years - King


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