Monday, January 05, 2015

"Your Body is the Ship, Your Soul is the Passenger"

Ever listen to a song and on first listen it's hypnotically amazing? I usually have a some sort of preconceived expectation before pressing play, but the new one from Royal below was truly the mystery flavored dum-dum. What a fun surprise it ended up being, too. The soundscapes of a spring thunderstorm followed by methodical chanting on Passenger sucked me in like bug fixated on a light after the sun goes down. Then come the soft, easy to digest vocals, followed by an ever-so-delightful beat drop. It's a big mellow soup that finds a way to consistently be consumed at the right temperature with each listen. Tip of the cap Royal, I'm a big fan of the opening track of your upcoming #CyclesEP...

Royal - Passenger


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